2017/18 John Hawson Trophy

The John Hawson Trophy is open to players aged over 60 on 1 September 2017 who have played at least 5 games in SCCA team events. The trophy will be awarded to the player(s) with the highest percentage score. The table below lists all entrants who have played at least one game in SCCA team events. Those players marked in red have played at least 5 games. This table will be updated automatically as match results are received

Player Club(s) Games Score Percent
Bennett, John MC Palace11100.000
Bruzzi, StefanoSurbiton11100.000
Denford, LesS Norwood11100.000
Gregory, Philip JWimbledon11100.000
Jones, H TrevorGuildford11100.000
May, Alan KDorking11100.000
Lawrence, Peter ADorking2175.000
Stimpson, Philip MGuildford2175.000
Davis, John GDorking3266.667
Bolan, Michael TAshtead150.000
Inwood, Kenneth FHKingston2150.000
Cath, H MartinS Norwood4250.000
Lake, MartinWimbledon2150.000
Elkes, GrahamGuildford150.000
Emerson, RogerGuildford150.000
Miles, Barry SS Norwood4250.000
Scrimgour, AlanKingston150.000
Snape, Ian LCCF150.000
Ganev, John P (Gantcho)S Norwood2150.000
Thurlow, Kevin JRedhill150.000
Wylie, Hugh FAshtead2150.000
Howes, David JS Norwood4137.500
Reddin, Roy JDS Norwood225.000
Gunn, Michael JGuildford225.000
Groom, Malcolm DJSurbiton225.000
Faint, Robert ASurbiton100.000
Harris, Ronald AS Norwood100.000
Durrant, Paul EOSurbiton100.000