Wimbledon Chess Club

St Andrews Church, Herbert Road, Wimbledon SW19 3SH
Meet on Mondays. We will be in the church until 2020 and then will be in the hall after that. If we are not in one then try the other

The top reason given in a poll for why members pick Wimbledon is that ours is a friendly club offering loads of match games. Since beating Streatham in 1892, Wimbledon's focus has increasingly been on inter-club competition and we now play well over 100 matches every year. With 15 teams (8 of them competing in Surrey) players of all strengths get the chance to represent the club

Whilst winning is important to our members (we've won both the Alexander Cup and the Challenge Cup for the individual county championship a record number of times), so too is good relations with other clubs (including sharing management improvement ideas) and supporting the Association. There is also a high level of member participation in running the club to share the administrative burden

Subscriptions vary depending on how many leagues you play in (London and Thames Valley are the other two). Juniors have free membership

Secretary Gordon Rennie gordon.rennie@sap.com

Treasurer Russell Granat r.granat@btinternet.com 01932 880124

Fixtures Secretary Gordon Rennie gordon.rennie@sap.com

Registration Secretary Gordon Rennie gordon.rennie@sap.com

Surrey Trophy (1st team) Gordon Rennie gordon.rennie@sap.com

Beaumont Cup (2nd team) Adrian Rutkowski adrianrutkowski@gmail.com 07772 846659

Ellam Trophy (3rd team) Pawel Slonczuk pawel.slonczuk@gmail.com

Centenary Trophy (4th team) Martin Lake marl84k@yahoo.co.uk

Fred Manning Trophy Alex Brett alex.brett@blueyonder.co.uk

Alexander Cup Gordon Rennie gordon.rennie@sap.com


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